Prickly Heat? What’s That? | Keringat Buntet? Apa Itu?

Prickly Heat? What’s That? | Keringat Buntet? Apa Itu?

Have y’all ever heard of the term prickly heat? In Indonesia, it is called keringat buntet or biang keringat. It is a condition where skin rashes appear due to the accumulation of sweat. The rashes feel itchy and sometimes stings. The question is, why am I writing this right now? Well, it’s obvious: I am experiencing it right now. One fun fact is that I only knew the Indonesian term of prickly heat before coming to Singapore 😂

Flashback to my Stay-Home Notice experience where I had to stay in V Lavender Hotel for fourteen days, the room was freezing when I first came at night. The AC was crazy cold – I spent the whole fourteen days only with AC for around five hours maybe HAHAHA.

The situation in PGPH (Prince George’s Park House) – my current dorm in NUS – turns out actually 180° different. My first day staying in PGPH, the room was not really hot. I really thought that I could spend the rest of my semester here. Even though for the next couple days I sweat a lot especially in the evenings (I dunno, but in PGP night weathers are strangely hotter than afternoon weathers).

Turns out my body could not endure the hot weather. The rashes suddenly occur around my neck – and it is plenty! Oh my God, what should I do about this? It is very itchy and annoys me a lot. I brought Cinolon-N* ointment from Indonesia. FYI, my father is a doctor so he always stocks me with medications everywhere I go just in case something happens. I tried applying the ointment to my neck for around two days but it did not get better. The rashes spread further, initially only on the left side and now on both left and right sides.

I called UHC (University Health Centre) – the clinic you can always go to in NUS when looking for medications – if they have prickly heat powders, something like Caladine**. Unfortunately, they don’t have it 😥 I asked if they know where to buy the powder. They suggested Guardian and Watson.

I went to Clementi Mall yesterday in between my lectures (I had a lecture at 12 pm – 2 pm and another one at 4 pm – 6 pm, cukup nekad yah). The main purpose was to open a bank account as the deadline is drawing near. However, my request to open an account was declined so I thought of finding the powder in this mall (biar sekalian gitu).

I tried visiting Guardian and Watson. Guardian does not sell the powder 😟 moving on to Watson, they said that they ran out of stock 😢 the worker said “can try Unity instead?” then I dashed to Unity since I only had less than an hour before my next lecture. Thank God I found the powder! Only $1.5 but so hard to find 🤣

Now I am still fighting against the rashes on my neck. I hope they will settle down soon.

*Cinolon-N contains neomycin sulphate and fluocinolone acetonide. This cream helps fighting bacteria in your skin and reducing itches. You can apply it by spreading it around the affected areas on your skin. Retrieved from

**Caladine contains calamine, zinc oxide, and diphenhydramine hydrochloride, especially useful to settle down prickly heat. They help reducing itches on your skin. This lotion could also be applied to the skin by spreading it around the affected areas. Retrieved from


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